Start A Culture

by Amskray

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released July 1, 2009

Recorded at Killingsworth Studios, NY
Produced by Anthony Santo and Amskray
Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Santo
© 2009 All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Amskray Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: The Limit Express
Today was a week but I’m still stuck in this dream
Where I saw you, I saw you, I saw you
Pour heaven into my glass
And after the first sip I
I couldn’t tell the difference
Between life and death
Today was a week But I’m still stuck in this dream
I’ll catch the next train cuz maybe that one’s yours
You’ve got the answers to your own questions
You’re just too scared to see them
But if you look through the open door
That’s right in front of you, you’ll see that
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (x2)
I’ve seen the mountains that you’ve drawn
I saw you carve them right out of paper and plastic and metal substances
So I’ll just catch the next train, I’ll catch the next train home
Track Name: Energy Ball
What may be dreams might be my demons
But I, I only dream of you
And this sort of thing it stops my breathing
But if my dreams are demons than you are the devil
Spread out like snow drifts
To swallow her body down
Come on darling there’s a place for us
Come before I turn to dust
Don’t, don’t you ever come back no
Track Name: Volcanasaurus
The more we tried, the more we tried
The less we had to offer
But one thing’s for certain
And that’s the stars will shine another night
From out of the earth comes
A star to shine another night
From out of the earth comes
A star
The whole in the earth
It swallows me, swallows me whole
There’s nothing I can do
To stop it
Track Name: Temples
We put up four walls to make prisons, to hold
Our families and children and the lives that we stole
We don’t see the sun or feel the light of the day
We stare at the TV and all we find is our graves
But oh, I know there’s so much more, oh
It takes patience to see real beauty
A taste so sweet on your tongue
My eyes want to see what my heart wants to feel
But I am never going back
To what the temples taught me
Cuz I know that there’s so much more
And I know I could see it
If I could only starve this evil from my skin I could let the music in
Oh I know that there’s so much more
That there’s so much more
Track Name: We're Green Lights
We are like fire, but fire is not like us
The moon is reflecting off your eyes tonight
But I’m so blind I can’t see the light
When it shines upon your cheek
It’s all I have to sleep with
We are like fire but fire is not like us
So you walk through the door
All my memories haunt like you
I can see your face in every little step I take
I don’t know if it’s true
But I know they’re coming to take you away
But I don’t want them to